flying changes


The physiology oral went pretty well! I can’t believe how stressy the few days leading up to it had been. I’m glad I got Neil and wasn’t tripping over my words. 

So right now, i’m enjoying the long rein and am off for my month of EMS down south before heading back to Glasgow for the final 4 week dash to the finals. 

2nd year curriculum is over. Vet school has officially equipped me with all the preclinical knowledge I need to know. Time flies and it is a little bit scary. It feels like just yesterday that I touched down in Glasgow for the very first time.

bullet train

slow down and breathe, aaron, because this too shall pass and it will be over before you know it.

so. do you want to take a check and reorg? or would you rather come in like a wrecking ball?

you really take a while to learn, don’t you?

Let it go

Candlemas Week 6:

This week I’ve made mistakes, did things I could have done a little better and felt bad for something that wasn’t actually any fault of mine. Each one left me feeling a bit like I should just crawl into a hole and die. Now is probably the time to drill that I can’t control what is past and that what matters is how I deal with it. 

This is definitely not the first time i’m having this particular eureka moment and i think i’m getting better at letting go.


It’s not easy to live a christian life in a place that is so secularised and worldly. It’s been a journey of constant prayer and reminders that i’m still in his presence and now, slowly but surely i’m becoming more aware of the free gifts we have to grow closer to Him.

Studying at this stage is a grave obligation and i’m still learning how to sanctify my work and interior life.

Missed the hall dinner today and whipped up a quick soup for dinner.  I think it smells pretty yummy!

Missed the hall dinner today and whipped up a quick soup for dinner.
I think it smells pretty yummy!


I don’t know if you can see
The changes that have come over me
In these last few days I’ve been afraid
That I might drift away
So I’ve been telling old stories, singing songs
That make me think about where I came from
And that’s the reason why I seem
So far away today

Being away from home for so long made me realise that life is changing. The days that made me who i am today are all in the past and life has been and still is continuously shaping me into a new person. 

It’s a part of growing up that i knew deep inside that would probably come sooner or later. It’s a very different culture. I’ve been here one year and only recently have thought about how much i’ve had to adapt in order to, as i once put it, “build a new life” here with the friends i’ve made, the responsibilities i’ve shouldered.

Now why am I writing this? Well, it’s another of those milestone moments of transition which happen naturally and today i’m taking the effort to rationalise it and more than anything to make sense of it for myself. I see the days where i’d be able to come home and see my family, my dog and loved ones at the drop of a hat all in the past. And i’m marvelling at the power of time to change anything and everything about the life i know both at home and within myself.

This 5 years at vet school will change my life forever. Both as a professional and also as a person. Being away from home in a foreign land has played a big part in that. A land which has slowly and surely grown dear to me. 

But 5 years will pass by in the blink of an eye. The story will continue and where God takes me then will again shape what becomes of me at the end of the day when it’s time to return to Him in our true home.


Two weeks in and just under a quarter of candlemas term is down. That happened way too fast.

Seven more weeks of formal lessons and we’ll be done with the pre-clinical phase. It feels like it’s a mad rush to learn EVERYTHING about the body which we have not yet learned since first year which includes reproductive anatomy and physiology. (which is quite a handful to understand with all the cross species estrus cycles!)

As always, there’s always a lot to learn about myself through all this aside from all the studies. Lately i’ve been reminding myself that it won’t be long till I start speaking to clients for real and to brush up on those essential communication skills.

I’m also waiting for the results from my december exams. Hoping they turned out alright! Can they be any slower at releasing the results?? 

Christmas is coming in less than a week. The carollers at home are spreading the love and light of christmas. I realise that every time we have visited a home over the last 7 years carolling, especially during the christmas prayer and blessing, that we are in fact bringing light to the lives of everyone that heard us. 

It’s not the singing and the music and the people that i miss that’s making me feel empty right now. It’s that sense of purpose that we go out carolling with.

A little something i put together earlier tonight.
I miss the big boy and all the amazing things we accomplished last summer, especially the 110cm comp!
Also missing my little reindog dalton a LOT! I’m so happy mom always sends us pictures.

A little something i put together earlier tonight.

I miss the big boy and all the amazing things we accomplished last summer, especially the 110cm comp!

Also missing my little reindog dalton a LOT! I’m so happy mom always sends us pictures.


Almost a week late, but yes the december exams are over. I know for a fact that my attitude towards school has changed this year and i’m generally much happier and less stressed up. Even though the content is much more interesting, there’s no denying that it is more demanding than last year. 

So i guess some things went better and of course some things can be worked on. Right now, i’m just enjoying the long rein, stretching my muscles and allowing my mind to rest during this short christmas break. 

Wow it’s really storming out there this morning. Thank goodness I’m under shelter indoors..
Thank goodness today isn’t an exam day either!

ORD lo!

Today is my ORD “anniversary”. ‘nuff said.

I almost forgot about it this time last year!

I can’t believe it’s only been over 700 days.

Go the distance

This is becoming an all too common post title every few months or so. It is indeed exam time again and it feels like just yesterday that i was sweating bullets over the first exam in years. In fact, it was this very time last year on the first sunday night of december which was the night before the first vet school paper. It was also the first time in my life i’d seen snow!

Now being in second year, I feel like things are very different. I kind of know what to expect so i’m not feeling as bewildered as last year. I’ve also had a much more enjoyable term with it’s own set of ups and downs. I also realised that 93 days away from home since the end of summer really isn’t that long a period of time and though the prospect of being back in singapore for 3 weeks over christmas and new year does sound good, I don’t think it’s really necessary especially for the price of a flight home these days.

It’ll be a week from now to the start of the first paper and i’m feeling a little overwhelmed. Time isn’t going to wait for anyone though so there’s no way but forwards with God by my side always. With or without that prize of going home to look forward to, everything will be alright :)

Today I feel like almost everything i learned in respiration and cardiovascular physiology has been thrown right out the window. I’m so useless at answering these questions.

But better now than on the exam day i suppose. going to have to work through this as best I can like last year.

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